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Body Treatments

Back Purifier

Our back treatment targets an often neglected part of our body. This treatment can be customized to address almost any back condition or type of skin. Especially for acne prone or highly congested. This relaxing treatment begins with a deep cleansing of the back to remove excess oil. An exfoliation and extractions (if needed) comes next. Then an anti-stress treatment comes next.  It is finished with a customized masque to leave your skin soft and radiant. This treatment includes a foot treatment as well.

45 Minutes $65.00
60 Minutes $85.00

Body Polish

This is an invigorating exfoliating body treatment. Relax and indulge in an all over body experience, where dead skin cells are removed using a luxurious body polish. Warm towels are then used to remove the scrub and warm hydrating lotion or oil will be applied.

40 minutes $65.00

Foot Facial

We neglect our feet too often. This treatment includes hot steam towels, buffing to remove dead skin cells, followed with a mask and ending with a luxurious treatment using revitalizing and relaxing pressure points.

30 minutes $50.00


Reflexology is an energy therapy using reflex zones on the feet to expand and stimulate energy flow in the body.

Pressure is applied systematically all over the foot, feeling out for areas of tension or stagnation. Attention to these areas releases blocked energies and improves the health and function of those organs.

Reflexology is great for relaxation and rejuvenation, balancing and expand the energy system, improving circulation and detoxing body, mind and spirit.

Problems or weaknesses can often be felt in the feet before they manifest in the body, this is a fabulous way to prevent dis-ease and keep feeling energetically vibrant and full.

45 minutes $85.00

Eye Energizer

Smooth out those tiny lines in the eye area. This intensive hydrating treatment infuses the eye area with collagen leaving the eyes brighter and more beautiful.

Add On $20.00

Lip Treatment

Pump up the volume of your lips with this excellent add on! Your lip line will never look better after this intensive Collagen and Aloe application. This treatment repairs dry, tight, cracked and sun-damaged lips quickly.

Add On $20.00
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