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Body Sugaring

Does the Brazilian Body Sugaring hurt like a Brazilian Wax?
No. Unlike Brazilian waxing that pulls hair against the natural growth, Alexandria Sugar Paste lubricates the follicles and gently slides the hair out in the natural direction so there is no pulling on the skin and hair breakage. That means no more ingrown hairs with proper post skin care. Regular advanced body sugaring treatments reduce the hair growth rate and that means less hair, fewer treatments and decrease in any discomfort.

Can you sugar someone who uses Accutane, Retin-A or who is undergoing Enzyme, Glycolic or AHA peels?
Because these treatments loosen the skin’s inter-cellular glue and allow the cells to separate and shed, we recommend that clients wait until the initial shedding has passed. Typically, 28 days is a safe time frame, but a patch test is always done to ensure safe elimination after any intense skin treatments before we begin a sugaring regime.

Is it true you cannot remove soft downy facial hair?  
With waxing, this is often true. Laser hair removal treatments also do not remove soft downy hair due to the hair’s lack of density and pigmentation But, with the Alexandria Advanced Body Sugaring technique, we can safely remove the vellus (peach fuzz) hair on the face. The face is one of the most delicate areas for hair extraction, because of the dense amount of vellus hair. With one flick, we could remove about five hundred hairs.  Since this type of hair sits on the nerve endings, it can set off the alarm in the nervous system. A patch test at your consultation can be performed if you have had a previous experience that gives you any hesitation.

How often do I need a treatment?
Your Alexandria Professional™ Practitioner will be able to help you schedule your appointments best based on your individual hair growth patterns and body part(s) treatment. Hair growth should between 1/8" and 1/4".

How should I prepare my skin for my treatment?
We ask that you arrive to your appointment with clean skin without lotions, deodorants or oils.  Never use a razor, depilatory creams or tweezers between your treatments, as this will interfere with your goal to refine and diminish your hair growth and to have smooth and healthy skin. Regular skin hydrating and exfoliating between sugaring treatments is just as important as receiving the treatment. You will achieve the best results if your skin is in a healthy condition. You Alexandria Professional™™ Practitioner will consult with you on how to maximize your results. The better your skin, the better your treatment. The better your treatment, the better your skin.

How young can I start my child sugaring?
The best age to start the Advanced Body Sugaring treatments is at puberty. We encourage you start Alexandria Professional™™ Advanced Body Sugaring treatments instead of shaving when your child is ready to begin the hair removal process. We are always available for a consultation and demonstration, so that the process is is comfortable. Many of our clients share the experience with their children and you can book a mother daughter or father son treatment together. Alexandria Professional™™ President Lina Kennedy and her team of Practitioners and Educators are happy to share their stories of how they introduced sugaring to their children, many of whom are now teens.

Is sun tanning an issue following Advanced Body Sugaring?
Regular sugaring treatments can actually enhance and brighten your tan. Your skin may sunburn more easily immediately after a sugaring treatment due to dead skin cell exfoliation. We recommend you wait 24 hours before exposing your skin to sun, infra red lamps or solarium. Please do not come to a treatment with the area sunburned or freshly spray tanned.

Is it true sugaring hurts more when you have your menstrual cycle?
We suggest you do not schedule your appointments to coincide with your menstrual cycle. Some women are just more sensitive at their time of the month, but individual results vary.  Many women have no issues with sugaring during menstruation.


About Our Products

Alexandria Professional™ Sugar Paste is 100% natural.

There are no chemical additives; no wax resins and is deliciously edible. Yes, you can eat it!  Safe aesthetics is Alexandria Professional™’s fundamental foundation.

Alexandria Professional™ Sugar Paste does not stick to live skin cells.
The sugar paste and LK technique for advanced body sugaring exfoliates only dead skin cells and sticks to even the most vellus (peach fuzz) hair, or courses of hair, resulting in a much gentler treatment, even on delicate skin tissue areas and sensitive skin types.

Alexandria Sugar Paste is 100% hygienic. 
Our practitioners never re-use sugar paste. Sugar paste is discarded after each treatment and bacteria does not breed in high concentrations of sugar, eliminating the possibility of cross- contamination. Alexandria Professional™ is always safe.   We are proud to claim our sugar paste is 100% bio degradable.

No need to shave or tweeze between treatments, and no waiting for your hair to grow.
The Alexandria Professional™ technique requires only 1/16” (2mm) of hair growth for treatments, eliminating forever the long wait between salon visits and the frustration of waiting for growth.

Alexandria Sugaring has demonstrated proven success for almost two decades on both genders of all ages, all skin colors and all hair textures.
“From Albino skin and hair types to the toughest skin and hair types, and from six years of age to 87 years of age, I have successfully extracted hair with incredible results using my Alexandria Professional™ technique,” says Alexandria Professional™ President Lina Kennedy.  “From head to toe (with the exception of “inner ears” and eyelashes), our products work both aesthetically and medically, as desired and necessary. On this statement I give you my word.”

No risk of burning your skin!
Trained and certified Alexandria Professional™ Practitioners massage our Advanced Sugaring Paste onto the skin by hand at a lukewarm temperature. This is where the magic begins for our clients.  When the sugar paste is massaged into the skin, it allows the paste to seep into the follicles, enabling the hair to “slide” out far more comfortably for a complete extraction without hair breakage. The side effects?  Many of our clients actually fall asleep during treatments. Now, that’s smooth!

All Alexandria Professional™ Practitioners are trained and certified in the LK Alexandria Professional™ Advanced Body Sugaring technique, ensuring the highest degree of education in the industry.
Every Practitioner is required to take a certification class and must pass both a written and practical exam. Many go on to take more advanced training to specialize in the Perfect LA Bikini™, Perfect Brows and Spa Services offered by Alexandria Professional™.

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